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Research is a human activity based on intellectual investigation and is aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising human knowledge on different aspects of the world.

At Aptech we work on real-time project with a deadline to finish the same. Eithers this may be software development, web development or other assignments.

This research and assignment methodology makes our students more confident and strong on their skills. This confidence helps them during interviews and placements. Assignments make the student understand, how to use what they read.

Why Do We Do Research?

The Job Requires IT
In most positions, some sort of research is required to support normal decision-making. Reporting is a crucial element in the conduct of reseach. Research depends on data. Often, research is limited by what data is relatively easily available. We need to take advantage of data already available while encouraging managers to see the value in collecting the right information. We need to gather evidence that answers important questions about effectiveness and efficiency rather than just what is easily counted or has always been counted.

We Want To Do IT
Curiousity is a crucial part of the human condition. Many professionals, incluiding information ones, want to know more about something that interests them. Do anthropologists use government information? How many well-know children's authors have personal websites? Where did my family come from? Are weblog sites more likely to be created by men or women? What do teen-aged boys read?. There is an excitement in the discovery of new information and knowing more about some topic than anyone else. There is joy in sharing newly gathered and previously unavailable information.

In An Ideal World
In an ideal world, research methods would be an integral part of thoughtful management of any information agency. Better reporting would result in better data which would result in better decisions and a much more effective, visibly so, services to the community.

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